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Joey Myers - EnFuegoMediaWelcome! I’m Joey, the heart and brain behind EnFuegoMedia and LeadGenerationSEOServices.com, and the founder of Hitting Performance Lab where I’m an Amazon bestselling author. My journey in marketing and sports has taught me the value of precision, strategy, and innovation — principles I bring to the digital marketing arena.

With a background in Division-1 baseball and a diverse range of certifications in the corrective fitness field, I blend my passion for sports with digital marketing expertise. I’ve journeyed from hitting baseballs at Fresno State to hitting home runs for businesses in the digital space.

At EnFuegoMedia and LeadGenerationSEOServices.com, we’re not just another marketing agency. We are a team of storytellers, strategists, and innovators. Our squad comprises talented writers, savvy developers, and astute advertising professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience and creativity. 

Our Mission


Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to elevate your business’s visibility and propel your services into the limelight. We specialize in crafting hyper-local ads and securing media coverage in top-tier publications like NBC, CBS, and numerous other brand-name sites. We’re all about making your business the talk of the town, or rather, the talk of the internet!


Our Approach


Think of us as your business’s personal storytellers. We narrate your brand’s story in a way that resonates with your audience, highlighting your unique response to current events, the exceptional quality of your services, and your commitment to excellence.

Our approach is data-driven yet heart-led. We understand that at the core of every service-based business is a desire to connect and provide value. That’s where we shine. We help you reach your ideal clients by creating meaningful, engaging content, tailored to the nuances of your specific region.


Our Community and Testimonials


Community is everything to us. With over 39,000 engaged email subscribers, tens of thousands of social media followers, and a track record of working with clients across various industries, we’ve built a robust, supportive community. Our testimonials speak for themselves — stories of businesses transformed, visibility increased, and goals surpassed.


Why Choose Us?


Choosing us means opting for a partner who understands the importance of being seen and heard in a crowded digital world. We’re here to ensure your business doesn’t just exist online but thrives and resonates with your audience.

Before we embark on this journey together, we’ll take the time to understand your business in-depth. This ensures we tailor our strategies to fit your unique needs and goals perfectly.


Join Us


Ready to amplify your business’s digital presence? Let’s schedule a Marketing Discovery Call. It’s the first step towards unlocking the potential of your business with a team that believes in your vision and knows how to make it a reality.

Let’s ignite your business’s digital journey together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What process will you use to accomplish our goals? And why?

This will depend on what your KPI’s are.  Or Key Performance Indicators.  Are you a:

  • Business owner of a brick and mortar looking to turn more eyeballs into phone calls?
  • Digital or physical product creator looking to drive more people through your sales funnel, to then convert them into sales? Or,
  • Content website looking to increase traffic, so that you can optimize revenue from Google ads, sponsors, and email marketing leads?

We’ve got your 6!  We have a proven seven-point checklist our magic SEO elves work through bring more traffic:

  1. Technical aspects to your site,
  2. Google MyBusiness and Bing Optimization,
  3. SEO (On-site),
  4. SEO (Off-site),
  5. Facebook Chatbot (if you sign up for this service),
  6. Recurring tasks, and
  7. Providing reports.

And why this process?  Because these are the proven things Google algorithm “science” says is the best approach to ranking a website.

What’s your communication and reporting process?

Once you jump on as a client, we’ll create a real-time dashboard for you, so you can track your site’s progress through the search engine optimization process.  You get your own unique login and everything!

No more wondering what your SEO company is doing behind the scenes.  Transparency is key, so you can see where your site ranks every step of the way.

What work resources will we need to commit?

Through our 5-10 minute automated question asking Onboarding process, you’ll help get us website login information, access to certain data sites, like your Google Analytics account, and social media assets.

Our magic SEO elves take it from there.

What do you do when things aren't working?

OODA Loops.  This stands for:

  • Observe,
  • Orient,
  • Decide, and
  • Act.

The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is a four-step approach to decision-making that focuses on filtering available information, putting it in context and quickly making the most appropriate decision while also understanding that changes can be made as more data becomes available.

The OODA loop was developed in the mid-20th century by the military strategist, US Air Force Colonel John Boyd. It was initially used to train solders to make time-sensitive decisions rapidly when there may not be time to gather all the information. The goal of the strategy was to execute the OODA loop process more quickly than an opponent in order to infiltrate and disrupt the enemy’s decision cycle.

How this applies to SEO and your website.  The Google algorithm is constantly changing.  And we stay up to date on the latest changes with them.  We have many diagnostic tools at our fingertips, to name a few:

  • Website SEO audit,
  • Competitor site audits, and
  • Citations and backlink cleanup.

These help us diagnose why a site may not be ranking, and helps us point-point where to make changes.

How does Google rank results and how do you influence them?

How Google rank results work according to Google:

“These ranking systems are made up of not one, but a whole series of algorithms. To give you the most useful information, Search algorithms look at many factors, including the words of your query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources, and your location and settings. The weight applied to each factor varies depending on the nature of your query—for example, the freshness of the content plays a bigger role in answering queries about current news topics than it does about dictionary definitions.”

There are five factors Google uses to weigh search rankings:

  1. Meaning of your query,
  2. Relevance of webpages,
  3. Quality of content,
  4. Usability of webpages, and
  5. Context and settings.

And how do we influence Google to rank your website higher?  Here’s what we call the “works”, for fastest growth:

  • GMB / Bing Map Optimization
  • GMB Weekly Relevant Posts
  • GMB Q&A Optimization
  • GSC/BWT Optimization
  • Technical Code Deployment
  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • On Page Audit and Optimization
  • Citation Cleanup & Creation (Accelerated)
  • 2 High Quality Niche Outreach Blog Posts
  • AMP Mobile Tech + Ultra Speed Optimization
  • Facebook Automated Chatbot
  • Facebook Chat Website Lead Assistant
  • Facebook Chatbot Monitoring for FAQ updates

Reach out if you have any questions on how we can help.

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