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EnFuegoMedia AI SEO Digital Marketing Case Studies

  • Background: Established since 2014, offering diverse online products.
  • Challenge: Redesign for better user experience and conversions.
  • Solution: UI/UX redesign, effective email mining.
  • Result: Improved Alexa ranking and first-page Google ranking for key keywords. Enhanced local client engagement.
  • Impact: Increased local phone inquiries and conversions.
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  • Background: Local workers’ compensation attorney in Fresno, California.
  • Challenge: Improve website flow and Google rankings.
  • Solution: UI/UX redesign and traditional SEO.
  • Result: Rankings on the first and second pages of Google for multiple local keywords.
  • Upcoming: Marketing event to boost engagement.
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  • Background: Our own site, showcasing our expertise in UI/UX design and SEO.
  • Challenge: Stand out in a crowded SEO market.
  • Solution: Targeted industry-specific SEO and unique media strategy.
  • Result: Quick, effective client growth and exposure.
  • Promise: Practical, scalable growth strategies for local businesses.
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