Discover how realtor, broker, and owner Ray Ellen of Pixel Properties has some of the top real estate agent services near Fayetteville, Denton, and Little Rock, Arkansas.  Find some of the best single family and country homes for sale, some with a pool!



In this episode, we go over:

  • What do you guys do and what is your superpower?
  • Where were you finding marketing success online?
  • Are you doing anything differently marketing or business-wise with the recent rate hikes?
  • What in your background has really prepared you for what you’re doing today?
  • What are the top two marketing methods you’re using that people are connecting with you on certain platforms?
  • What top two pieces of advice would you give to new agents beginning their real estate careers?
  • Where can people find you Ray?

CLICK HERE for the podcast episode link, in case you want to listen to the interview.  CLICK HERE if you want to download the video transcription as a PDF file.

Here’s where you can find Ray Ellen and Pixel Properties online…

PLEASE NOTE: Ray has a weekly podcast about real estate news called this Week in Real Estate (tWiRE).

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